Wisdom Wednesday #1: (Terence McKenna)(videos)(repost)

Terence Mckenna is a counter culture icon. Known for blend academic intelligence with psychedelic exploration and questioning cultural values. He has recorded hundreds of hours of lectures and is the father of making psychedelic plants part of the mainstream of today. I urge you to give these three clips a listen. It will change yourContinue reading “Wisdom Wednesday #1: (Terence McKenna)(videos)(repost)”

Wisdom Wednesday #2: Ram Dass (a.k.a Dr Richard Alpert)(videos)(repost)

I know it is Monday. In this weeks Manic Monday…But on Sunday(Reflecting on Self Reflection), I discuss the importants of examining ourselves, our intentions and why our mind is so hard wired to resist quieting down. Ram Dass was the saving grace in my own self reflection. I would not be the me of todayContinue reading “Wisdom Wednesday #2: Ram Dass (a.k.a Dr Richard Alpert)(videos)(repost)”

The complicatedly Simple model of karma(Short Read)(repost)

The Devil promises to teach us how to get everything we want. God promises to teach us how to get everything we need. The journey is about learning what the difference is and why. Basic Score Card Help yourself = +1 Help someone else = +1 Hurt Yourself = -2 Hurt Someone Else = –Continue reading “The complicatedly Simple model of karma(Short Read)(repost)”

The Century of the Self: (4 Part Docu-series BBC)(4 videos)

if you spend 4hr doing anything, few things can be more valuable to you and the people you love than watching the documentary series “The Century of the Self”. This 4 part docu-series covers the rise of pyschological manipulation by big business, politicians, media and advertising. The series describes how politicians fearing the irrational natureContinue reading “The Century of the Self: (4 Part Docu-series BBC)(4 videos)”

Coming Soon:Reblogs and New posts(music)

I have recently taken a break from creating to work through some issues. I have come to learn that if I do not resolve my issues, I project them into my speech and actions, which makes its way into my writing. Although I still get angry and cynical at times, but I have learned thatContinue reading “Coming Soon:Reblogs and New posts(music)”