A Citizen's Guide to Healing The Earth.


Update Contact me ;) questions answered playlist (music)

As I ironically sit here and smoke the L.A Confidential Strain of weed, The sweetness if the honey is the knees of my Bee. xoxoxo I have added a youtube playlist that I created, to my contact me page, in…

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I am really going to have to get used to this melting thing before I drive anywhere hahahaha ;) Lunch Break Playlist (music)

I feel like that episode of boy meets world where, a girl gives Shawn Hunter a pencil and he giggles like moron for 15 minutes, and then I also feel like Cory Matthews in the same episode when Topanga kisses…

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Project Occupy Earth is a Go: Raven’s Nevermore 2020. Human Be-in. (music)

The world is so insane that, all you have to do to over throw you government and topple world power, is to sit on the ground, close to a stranger, and talk to them. That is literally it, no signs,…

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