A Psychologist is a Shaman: Dr Jordan Peterson Clip.

The clip below is from a lecture by Dr Jordan Peterson. He describe the eternal problems of the human psyche. He talks about the journey into the unconscious is both a psychological and spiritual pursuit. The role of helping people through this was fulfilled by shaman’s before modern psychology. I watched this video for theContinue reading “A Psychologist is a Shaman: Dr Jordan Peterson Clip.”

Coming Soon: Back in Action

Hello, its me again. I have been working through some personal issues recently, and I have learned that my process requires the solitude to go bananas, in private. I also know it effects how I communicate and respond to others, I don’t answer my phone, emails or make plans until I come out the otherContinue reading “Coming Soon: Back in Action”

Poetry Series: Meditation & Marijuana Vol I (with Music)

Marijuana and meditation go together extremely well. There is a dreamy quality to introspection. To focus our attention inward, we have to become less conscious of the external world. When one does this, they experience time, thoughts, feelings, imagination. All in a very boundary dissolving way. The next series of poems were written while IContinue reading “Poetry Series: Meditation & Marijuana Vol I (with Music)”