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Manic Monday…but on Sunday: S01E02 (Reflecting on Self Reflection)(with music) (repost)

Color Profiles series. Arrangement of colorful human profiles on the subject of inner life, mind, personality, creativity and emotions

If we examine the psyche; it is divided into two opposite parts, the Conscious mind, and the Unconscious mind. Our mind, because its job is to process information, is very analogous to a computer. The Conscious mind is like RAM, a reuseable working memory with a limited capacity. Our Unconscious mind, is like both a hard drive (stores memory) but also, ouroperating system.

Our personality, or sense of self, is far more our unconscious mind, than we would like to admit. Our mind is a complex web of cognitive structures (programs) each with a univariable task. This means each program can only analyze one subject. If you ask the part of you that is hungry, it will tell you to spend you last $25 on pizza, if you as the budget part of you, it will tell you that starving yourself will save money. Both have to work together to arrive at a balanced conclusion.

Self Reflection is like restart, defraging, disk cleaning, and virus scanning our mind. It gives us a view into all our background process, and allows us to pick and choose what aspects ourselves we leave running in our unconscious.

“Well this all sounds great Darryl, but how do I put this into practical terms?” Don’t worry my friends, I would not leave you hanging. Below are five basic elements to making getting to know yourself a part of your daily life.


Just like waking up, going to work, and watching our favourite shows, we need to make time for self reflection. Any time you want, pick a 30 min block of time to check in with yourself. Time by ourselves is the first step to turning inward.


Just like we nerd to make time for self reflection, we must create a space for it. Pick a location that is comfrtable, quiet, away from distractions(phones, tv, video games, talking). And a place where people around you know is you private space.


Have an intention or clear reason. Ask yourself questions. Is it an emotion, a thought, what does this mean to me? Why does this bother me? Why did I act that way, or say those thing? Remember you have to challenge your own answers. Our unconscious minds job is also to hide unfaceable things for our awareness.


Find a method that works for you. Meditation, prayer, journaling, running, sitting on a beach. It doesn’t matter what your method is. It only matters that it works and that you do it.


Just because we realize something, doesn’t mean we know how to live it. Create a way to remind yourself to practice what you realized. Affirmations, goals, catch phrases, mantra’s, lists. Again it doesn’t matter what you do as long as it works and that you do it. Our habits will come back hundreds of times before we master them. So leave yourself a bread crumb trail back to the changes you wish to make.

Soul, Spirit, Ego Death.

Until next week. I wish you well as you travel on your journey to self discovery.😍😍😍😍

Manic Monday…But on Sunday – S01E01 (Lateness and the value of being prepared) (repost)

No Mind Trips

Manic Monday…But on Sunday; is your weekly guide to staying grounded, and balanced through out the week. It will help you digest the previous weeks events, and help you re-orient yourself for the week ahead. Stay in the driver seat of your life.

So lets get to what, I decided yesterday to call “The at least five R’s of growth and balance.

“Now wait a minute Darryl, you forgot about the part where its Tuesday, and this was due on Sunday part, “What’s up with that?.”

Well I am glad you asked. You keen little observer you. What a perfect segway into todays topic (Being Prepared). Lets look at the first R of balance; Random.

I have to be honest, this is my weekly guide to grounding as well, because I am also stuck in the soup. However; my committment is to truth, not consistency, and therefore I am compelled to say what I feel.

Why is random the first R? Because a lot of beautiful things, and most problems happen suddenly, unexpectedly, and at the “worst time”. This means, that whatever state we/our life is in, is the state we have to work with, when random thing happens. Being prepared and staying grounded and healthy is crucial.

Another reason Random made the list, is because there is no such thing as random. There is just a system that we don’t understand.

“But Darryl, you just said things happen sudden and unexpectedly?”

You are correct. However; often times there are many signs, red flags, and opportunities to prevent a problem or accomplish a goal faster. Our conscious mind is just not seeing/using this information, either because we don’t know it, or worse, we know it but won’t face it.

The Following is my “at least five R’s of balance:

Random, Reflection, Radical Self Honesty, Responsibility, Reward.

I think we, will take a rest here. I wasn’t as prepared for this post as I should be😟😸

Lake Tekapo At Dawn, New Zealand South Island

Poetry Series: The Psychedelic Romantic Vol IIII (visions of Marijuana)

Pitter Patter; Goes My Heart

Dreams in a smokey form.
Herb of mystical lore.
Arms Heavy eyes Red.
Peaceful Vision inside my head.

Pitter patter
pitter patter
pitter patter

Euphoric Memories pass me by.
I realize now why they call it a high.
Clouds above my Auroic Light.
Bring me through the dawn of night.

Pitter patter
pitter patter
pitter patter

My mind begins to wander
My cares begin to fade
Western winds blow on the fields
And The cricket’s saronade

Pitter patter
pitter patter
pitter patter

The wizard comes to find me
To Tell me of his tale.
The whispering of his story
Wakes the nightingale.

Pitter patter
pitter patter
pitter patter

My mind is pleasantly sailing
upon my angel’s wings
the stars are fires in the sky
Writting the songs our nightinggale sings

Pitter patter
pitter patter
pitter patter

I hear a tune and it speaks to me
My soul dances to the sway
And with smiling faces filled with glee
The children turn away. 

Pitter patter
pitter patter
pitter patter

I close my eyes and begin to sink.
Emersed in thoughts I calmly think.
Down and down into the lake of spirit.
The song has taken me and Beyond it.

Pitter patter
pitter patter
pitter patter

My spirit lifted into the sky.
I smile and bask in flowering why.
A puff of my herb, my reality settles.
Into the glory of the shadows.

Pitter patter goes my heart into the tall dark night

Written by Darryl McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

Celentia’s Arena

The priestess stands high above her city
Holding a child to the skies so blessedly humble
She whispers said spell in her cryptic language
The baby stops crying as if touched by some spirit
Coeing the child is, And to become a solitary pillar of strength
A tear rolls down Celentia’s face
A symbol of love paying homage to life
A raven flies to her shoulder with pride
Celentia is filled with joy as she recieves this gift
From her spirit guide telling her she has done right
She gazes upon her city and the silence of her people
Cloaked in the black nothingness of the night
The child is hidden from the eyes of judgement
Upon this night a hero is born
And Celentia shall find internal rest
Upon the cliff overlooking the town
And in this rest she shall regain her composure
A son must be born, Pathaetes too precious
To be travelling alone to the garden of life.Β 

Moonlight Dancer

Here’s to you sweet moonlight dancer
Let the music take you deep, deep into
the caverns of your soul in your hunt for
all that glitters. may you find solice in
your delicate pleasureful movement
In meeting your soul,Β 
Dance to the music of my beating heart
Be still; upon you a life time and may this
Life time be just a blink in the eye of eternity
For in this timless dance you show
Your beauty and your grace and all of this
Being timeless let your mind be filled
O moonlight dancer bless you in your art
For your movement whispers hope into
the ears of a dying soul, and helps it to grow
Tiny little moonlight dancer, the music has stopped
it is my turn to lead you, are you ready?Β 
Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan

Poetry: Meditation and Marijuana Vol III (Yin/Yang/Jung) with music

Judgement Rising to the End

Time Winds Backwards as death preceeds birth
Humans finally realize their place on this earth
History repeats itself, a tale that time sadly tells
Hate begins to spawn again and rings its ugly bells

Angels fly on tatter wings carrying them to despairng nowheres
Ego’s create a stubborn eye which gives an evil glare
God Speaks with his forked tongue that really tells all
The people hide for cover behind their glass wall

Shadows gain new light and start to shed the truth
Mother nature cries crystal tears for all she’s been through
They watch the last dove fly gracefully in the blackend skies
They pray to their Forked tongue god and ignore all his lies

Running in circles in the land of cracked mirrors
Reality Cries painfully a sound that no one hears
Rain falls despairingly on this hate scorched land
Erasing all the blood stains engrained in the sand

A new king claims this land with his crown of snakes
They follow him so hollowly with every move he makes
Babies who die on this final day will never see the field
The glass ball we’ve lived in whose fate we did wield

Control is what they made themselves to cause this bitter end
A world that only saw hate and greed is the only one we tend
The sky begins to open up and fire comes crashing down
The only thing that survives it all is the snaked headed crown

Written by Darryl McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

Spirits Walk With Me

Do I find these spirits in mutany
or shall I say for myself to free
can the costs of the day trouble many
For freedom we are charged a fee

These spirits walk with me in each pondered step
They accompany me along this unique and profound journey
To ask of thier closed eyes what emotions are kept
Is the answer they are ever so willing to tell me

For this journey I take be it the same as they
And for freedom we all trot along
The sun shines bright upon our souls today
And whistling still are to we fill the words of our surrowed song

The grass that we pass be it co

the grass that we pass be it covered in brass
For meaning of it comes within
And the day we say shall be here to stay
As we leave our shimperings to our kinΒ 

Written by Darryl McMillan (2005-2006)

kingsley Starlight

oΒ bright star; many a night has your light shineth
down upon my smiling and twinkling eyes
How hast thou broughteth me to lie upon
these green pastures while my mind seeketh
your truth. Whilst thou judge those who ignore such light
For their souls forever walketh in darkness
And may your light clense thy spirit and removeth
that which doth makes thou light flicker
And into thy mind poureth rememberance of thy light
Holdeth it in the cherished chambers of thy heart
Be gone with your beating for no candle can be
lit in thy shadow and no fire can burneth for thee
For thy mind be quick and thy heart be quickerΒ 
and thy soul beeth forever timeless for evermore
In the light of the new dawn I seeketh Truth
O bright star Layeth down for the night, Sleep Child
For your presence beeth true and you spirit
bringeth thy light of life into thy honoured heartΒ 

Written by Darryl McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

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Poetry: Meditation & Marijuana Vol II(with music)

Alex Grey.

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Blanket Of Fire – Poem by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan

I am crawling into sleep
Beneath my blanket of fire
For this moment I 
Need shelter from the cold

And within this cocoon of 
Slumber I am delivered
From the happenings of 
The day to bask in the glory 

Of the night and within this 
Blanket of unconscious desire
I am one with the night and 
Recharge my very being

To survive the comings of the
Next day, and this is what we do 
We recharge to see the things that 
The day before cannot prepare

Us for and when we find it 
We go deep into these thoughts 
And when we understand them then 
We can become them but 

If we misunderstand them 
Then we may never truly
Understand why we crawl 
Beneath this sacred blanket 
And feel this serenity. 

Written by Darryl McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

Black World – Poem by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan

I awake in darkness, warm and loving I am received
I do not wish to ask why I am in this place; I am relaxed
My mind lifts as if it were words on a page
Floating concepts make their way to a soothing language

Speaking with a deductive reminecence with a sound happiness
Descending into darkness I can see only the stars of intelligence
Allowing my body to travel with cerimonial passivity
and as I experience this moment of frightening concord

I am shocked by a loudness in my mind, I scream
Oceans of light trembling in the hands of my mind
Shading the colours of thought with the paint of consciousness
Aware of the change in magnanimity and gains of grace

Stroking up my face are the glowing winds of time
Progress seeks me as its new protiege
Changing form a human into a being in stargaze
This is what it feels like to be a god of wonder

I now know how to be at peace with myself.

Written by Darryl McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

Ram Dass.

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Poetry Series: Meditation & Marijuana Vol I (with Music)

Rasta & Sadhu’s See Cannabis as Sacred.
A Great Song, but also a stereotype.

Marijuana and meditation go together extremely well. There is a dreamy quality to introspection. To focus our attention inward, we have to become less conscious of the external world. When one does this, they experience time, thoughts, feelings, imagination. All in a very boundary dissolving way.

The next series of poems were written while I was newly experimenting with cannabis and meditation. The first one is based on an actual experience I had meditating very stoned.😊 and the second was a venture into using words as images.

Herbal Mysticism – Poem by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan

Relaxation takes over me
Euphoric impulses, O significant light
I am covered in a blanket of warm darkness
Underneath, security surrounds me
Face warm with smile, eyes communicating joy
Mind is floating free, and gracefully
Thoughts cry cool water tears of joy
They begin to flow like liquid energy
I see starlight against a mystical blackness
The moon smiles to the sun in concent
Beams of light begin to touch my spirit
Herbal mysticism plays its game
And Peacefully I rejoice in its song 

Written by Darryl McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

The song below is the best way to describe the feeling. I know the band name is weird, but the psychedelic instrumentals in this song always bring me back to that joyous state. Even when I am dead sober.(which isn’t often).😝 It captures the mystical nature of the sun shining through the trees, smiling eyes, and peace.

What Psychedelics Feel Like.

Phantome Wind – Poem by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan

What mystic creature caused this mockery.
Peaceful insanity hushed by quiet relaxation.
My eyes cheated by some emerald green Fog.
The lonely Flowers Wilt as Time must pass.

Sky thick with the liquid blue paste of rain.
Mind cloudy with such confusional Warmth.
The Darkness falling sends day into night.
As if another world had escaped my Sight.

Nature regains her long lost knowledge.
Floating on the western winds is the answer.
The owl is crying with precious persicion.
My spirit awoke in this time of Kindness.

As I walk into the fire my mind sees no anger.
To aspire in freedoms gaze is to feel cool winds fade.
The winter months blossom in found frienships.
Whiteness consumes the earth in a blanket of energy.

Written by Darryl McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

The song below best describes the vibration you feel as the peaceful state pulses through you.

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Weekly Recommended(embedded videos)

This will be a weekly block recommending Five things, be whatever as they may.

The first two songs are a band I found recently. (Cydeways.)

The best way I can describe them is if Slightly Stoopid, and Angels and Airwaves made a ska band. Enjoy😎

Silly Happy.

This next song is by Canadian Rapper Buck 65 feat Gord Downie of tragically hip. Its more like beat poetry that rap, and the bluesy guitar melts my soul.

This clip is a short but sweet message from Terence McKenna about direct experience. You ARE important.

Century of the self. Is a four part documentary about how psychology, politics, and business used psychological manipulation to shape and manage the inner life of americans. Its a must watch in my opinion as it describes both how our current world of instant gratification was created and also the hidden way to deconstruct it. Part 1 happiness machines is below.

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Yin/Yang Collection Vol IIII (3 of Swords)(with music)

Light & Dark

There is a Supreme Truth that existed before God(whatever word) before time and before the universe. Something cannot be created without simultaneously creating its opposite. Everything flows from this truth, all creation and all destruction.

Because destruction by its nature creates our suffering, we have a hate/love relationship. When we are happy, safe, comfortable we hate darkness because it can take all these things from us.

But when those things are already taken from us, we begin to love darkness because it seems to be more powerful than our ability to create happiness, safety, comfort. This is where we fall in love with our shadow.

The first poem is about that hate/love relationship I had with my own shadow. The second poem was the first poem I ever wrote. I have always felt clastophobic in my body, like my consciousness was being chained and squeezed. I used to believe my mind was the place of freedom. I have come to realize the mind is just a bigger more comfortable prison. Our soul is where true freedom is felt, and we have to let our mind evaporate in order to call it forth.

My Insanity

I walk in darkness, blinded by reality
I walk in fear, afraid of what may come to me
I walk in agony, wounded by what was done to me
I walk in shame, this world hates me

I walk and I walk getting closer and closer
Closer to my insanity

I look in regret, for those who are close to me
I look in remorse, for those who’ve been hurt by me
I look in sickness, Sickness of what is me
I look in denial, denying what I see

I look and I look seeing clearer and clearer
Clear to see my insanity

I hear in silence, silence so deafening
I hear in despair, crippling pain that huants me
I hear in demonic tones, the evil transforms me
I hear in dragons tears, tears that engulf the world

I hear and I hear getting louder and louder
Louder I hear my insanity

I feel in anguish, the pain of torn angels wings
I feel in coldness, coldness of the soul of death
I feel in dampness, dampened by the tears of destiny
I feel in terror, terror felt by the ghost of reason

I feel and I feel stronger and stronger
Getting stronger by my insanity 

Written by Darryl McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

The Unseen Figure

Silent screams in the darkness 
Screams of an unseen figure 
I walk forward and backward With every step 
Standing still at the mind’s window sill 
Looking in to find thoughts of the unheard 
Never seeing, never feeling, never saying, never hearing 

Foward in time backward in time 
Sideways in time never changing 
Walking, Sitting, staying and leaping 
All qualities of time never changing 
Releasing the laughter, releasing the tears 
Space is now my only hope 

Space has no boundaries no sign 
Of an end Limitations that bind me 
Are not heard of here 
Space is not happy nor sad 
Nor does space need to be joyous 
Space is limitless, Spaces treasures 

Uniqueness that all others dismiss 
Looking into the window of the mind 
I see no limit to what can be done 
Thoughts that are stored are always 
Found hereThoughts fly like birds 
In the sky as if they had no weight 

Thoughts have no resistence to change 
No call to impress, Society is what makes 
these thoughts feel as though they have to change 
Still looking in this window so exciting to see 
It’s as if a whole world is containd in the room 
I look in, I start to notice that walls are around 

Me Walls that hold me in, not allowing me to 
Leave to be myself, I need to leave this small 
walled room, I need to leave to be free 
I look in the window to the mind 
And I start to realize something The window 
I am looking in is actually looking out 

I realize the mind is the space that 
is limitless or can be 
I want outside to see the endless 
to see what happens next 
As I begin to understand a door appears 
with the destination outside these walls 

I open the door and step into the unknown 
I feel very different and light inside 
The silent screams have stopped as if they 
Never existed at all and the unseen figure 
so famous to me is not unseen at all 
It is me 

All I needed was to step outside 
the walls of limitation 
Into a world of the mind 
The limitless and allow freedom 
To guide my steps of 
This uncharted land

Written by Darryl McMillan (Circa 2003-2004)

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The Psychedelic Romantic vol III (3 of Swords)(With music)

Creation and Destruction; are both cosmic laws, and cosmic forces acting upon the world. Creation is often the source of our greatests Joys, Dreams and Memories.

However; because nothing is permenant, the joy and happiness we feel is matched in power and intensity, to the grief, loss, and heart break. When something ends there is a sadness that it is gone, and clinging to either keeping it, or trying to recreate it in the future. Some of our most powerful lessons and personal transformation come for how we integrate this into our lives.

In tarot the 3 of cups symbolism the fools first confrontation with personal suffering and his/her naivity about the path. It is this suffering that starts the stormy search for the self.

The next two poems in this series, are about capturing the sense of cognitive and emotional dissonance, that arise out of this suffering. The attempt to see all the light, and all the dark simultaneously without calapsing into bitterness.

The union of opposites.

A Summers Dream

The wolf howls, the baby cries
The horses dance, the hero dies
The trees are growing, the rain is falling
The sunrise drowning, the angels swimming
Hate is breeding, love receeding
The demon laughing, the wizard casting
The rocks are melting, the leaves are trembling
The pages turning, the fire’s burning
The dragon flying, the pagasus dying
Rivers flowing, waterfalls drying
Seventeen-Hundred horses, One lover in the mist
The journey ends, The story begins
Behold the lies of a diamond rule-book
Killed with the stones of madness
Reflections of sunlight on grass
forever lorn the story ends 

Written by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

Loveth Thy Rose Petal

The rose thorn pokes the finger drawing blood
To Show that even beauty must be handled with care
And upon this bloody finger, shall a kiss be placed
To Remind us of the tenderness of Subtlety
And when the wound is healed and the scar is gone
Who will remember the lesson; if not for the bleeder
For the rose is a symbol of love and the finger
a symbol of man, for that which we learn is also
that which we love, and that which we love
can also wound us, and that which is beautiful may also be Wicked
And then let the wicked speak as she smiles and says
‘May your blood poureth to show the tenderness I
require and remembereth the moment when love
lies bleeding that I can be your savour as much
as your tormentor’
O who shall tame the rose and master her beauty
and leave the rose to bathe in a pool of blood
For love is in the heart and blood the liquid of love
May admonish the wicked and caress the beauty
Doth thy finger bleedeth willingly in thy shadow of love.

Written by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

The Healing of Trauma.

Just because I am paranoid, doesn’t Mean They aren’t out to get me. (Paranoia explained)(embedded video)


There is a fundamental law of nature; the creation of something necessitates the simultaneous creation of its opposite. When human beings begain using deception as a social strategy, it neccessitated the creation of the opposite. A cognitive mechanism to ‘detect’ deception, is required both for physical safety.But it is also for understanding, keeping ones place within a society. Paranoia is a defense mechanism against “whatever is hidden”.

The problem is, paranoia works on a zero sum rule. Its like a long division formula for truth. If everything adds up, then we get 0=trust,safety. But if something doesn’t add up we get a remainder or discrepency. This remainder expressed psychologically becomes suspicion or distrust.

There are two ways we can get a discrepency: Something is hidden, or the assumptions we have about reality are wrong. The reason paranoia becomes pathological, is the cognitive structure doesn’t know which one is causing the error. This causes the mind to search for hidden truths in everything and anything.

This is how a paranoid delusion is woven. It starts with a real life trigger, a real situation that is not as it appears to be. This generates the ideational stage (delusions of reference) which in turn become the plot points of a narrative.

I could write an entire paper on this subject(in fact I intend to) but for now I will stop here.

Tell the truth, or at least don’t lie – Jordan Peterson.

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