Manic Monday…but on Sunday: S01E02 (Reflecting on Self Reflection)(with music) (repost)

Color Profiles series. Arrangement of colorful human profiles on the subject of inner life, mind, personality, creativity and emotions

If we examine the psyche; it is divided into two opposite parts, the Conscious mind, and the Unconscious mind. Our mind, because its job is to process information, is very analogous to a computer. The Conscious mind is like RAM, a reuseable working memory with a limited capacity. Our Unconscious mind, is like both a hard drive (stores memory) but also, ouroperating system.

Our personality, or sense of self, is far more our unconscious mind, than we would like to admit. Our mind is a complex web of cognitive structures (programs) each with a univariable task. This means each program can only analyze one subject. If you ask the part of you that is hungry, it will tell you to spend you last $25 on pizza, if you as the budget part of you, it will tell you that starving yourself will save money. Both have to work together to arrive at a balanced conclusion.

Self Reflection is like restart, defraging, disk cleaning, and virus scanning our mind. It gives us a view into all our background process, and allows us to pick and choose what aspects ourselves we leave running in our unconscious.

“Well this all sounds great Darryl, but how do I put this into practical terms?” Don’t worry my friends, I would not leave you hanging. Below are five basic elements to making getting to know yourself a part of your daily life.


Just like waking up, going to work, and watching our favourite shows, we need to make time for self reflection. Any time you want, pick a 30 min block of time to check in with yourself. Time by ourselves is the first step to turning inward.


Just like we nerd to make time for self reflection, we must create a space for it. Pick a location that is comfrtable, quiet, away from distractions(phones, tv, video games, talking). And a place where people around you know is you private space.


Have an intention or clear reason. Ask yourself questions. Is it an emotion, a thought, what does this mean to me? Why does this bother me? Why did I act that way, or say those thing? Remember you have to challenge your own answers. Our unconscious minds job is also to hide unfaceable things for our awareness.


Find a method that works for you. Meditation, prayer, journaling, running, sitting on a beach. It doesn’t matter what your method is. It only matters that it works and that you do it.


Just because we realize something, doesn’t mean we know how to live it. Create a way to remind yourself to practice what you realized. Affirmations, goals, catch phrases, mantra’s, lists. Again it doesn’t matter what you do as long as it works and that you do it. Our habits will come back hundreds of times before we master them. So leave yourself a bread crumb trail back to the changes you wish to make.

Soul, Spirit, Ego Death.

Until next week. I wish you well as you travel on your journey to self discovery.😍😍😍😍

Manic Monday…But on Sunday – S01E01 (Lateness and the value of being prepared) (repost)

No Mind Trips

Manic Monday…But on Sunday; is your weekly guide to staying grounded, and balanced through out the week. It will help you digest the previous weeks events, and help you re-orient yourself for the week ahead. Stay in the driver seat of your life.

So lets get to what, I decided yesterday to call “The at least five R’s of growth and balance.

“Now wait a minute Darryl, you forgot about the part where its Tuesday, and this was due on Sunday part, “What’s up with that?.”

Well I am glad you asked. You keen little observer you. What a perfect segway into todays topic (Being Prepared). Lets look at the first R of balance; Random.

I have to be honest, this is my weekly guide to grounding as well, because I am also stuck in the soup. However; my committment is to truth, not consistency, and therefore I am compelled to say what I feel.

Why is random the first R? Because a lot of beautiful things, and most problems happen suddenly, unexpectedly, and at the “worst time”. This means, that whatever state we/our life is in, is the state we have to work with, when random thing happens. Being prepared and staying grounded and healthy is crucial.

Another reason Random made the list, is because there is no such thing as random. There is just a system that we don’t understand.

“But Darryl, you just said things happen sudden and unexpectedly?”

You are correct. However; often times there are many signs, red flags, and opportunities to prevent a problem or accomplish a goal faster. Our conscious mind is just not seeing/using this information, either because we don’t know it, or worse, we know it but won’t face it.

The Following is my “at least five R’s of balance:

Random, Reflection, Radical Self Honesty, Responsibility, Reward.

I think we, will take a rest here. I wasn’t as prepared for this post as I should be😟😸

Lake Tekapo At Dawn, New Zealand South Island

The complicatedly Simple model of karma(Short Read)(repost)

Lake Tekapo At Dawn, New Zealand South Island

The Devil promises to teach us how to get everything we want. God promises to teach us how to get everything we need. The journey is about learning what the difference is and why.

Basic Score Card

Help yourself = +1

Help someone else = +1

Hurt Yourself = -2

Hurt Someone Else = – 2

Advanced Score Card

Help Yourself In a way that hurts you, or someone else (+1-2=-1)x2

Help Someone Else in a way that hurts you, or someone else(+1-2=-1) x2

Generation Of Design(Short Read)(repost)

Sacred Four.

Lets take a look at the Four Sacred levels of being: Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit.

Imagine for a moment that spirit is like electricity. Soul(conscious awareness) is like a wall socket, dividing positive and negative into seperate currents. Imagine the body as an appliance that plugs into the socket. And the mind as the output of energy.

If you plug in a lamp, you get light. If you plug in a stove, you get heat. If you plug in a fan, you get wind. If you plug in a stereo, you get sound.

This is the universe. You plug one thing in, you get rocks and trees. Plug in another, you get cats and dogs. Plug in another, and you get human beings and dandilions.

The universe is holographic and fractal. That means Human begins,(you and I) Are made of the sacred four elements of being. Everything that exists is made of these four levels. This is the unifying principle of the universe.

If you turn off the stereo, does the electricity still exist?

If you unplug the lamp, does the outlet still exist?

Long read coming soon. Like subscribe and stay plugged into the universe.πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

The Forgotten Purpose of Our Emotions: The Alarm System of Our Life.(Short Read) (with music.) (Repost)

Pay Attention

Whether it is an alarm to wake us up, a timer to let us know the turkey is done, or a car alarm to let us know it has been messed with, all alarms have two basic functions; get our attention, and to focus it on a specific subject.

Just like the timer, reminds us of what is happening in the kitchen so we can act accordingly, our emotions are a call to pay attention to what is going on in our life, so we can make changes accordingly. We in the west, have began to treat emotion itself as ‘nature’s mistake’, and therefore we try to numb and pathologize any sign of true emotional responses.

Our emotions are an emensce source of wisdom and information, however they speak a different language than the intellect, and therefore require a different set of skills and abilities.

So how do we create a revolution of celebrating this sacred element of consciousness? Why in our own lives of course. Lets look at the areas of our life that have their own needs, and thus their own alarms.

There are three levels or dimensions to our life. Personal life, Social life, Cultural life. For now we will look at the first level: Person life.

Dimensions of life.

Dimensions of Life part 1 – Personal life dimensions.

  • Physical Health – Our body’s physical condition, and our level of satisfaction withe our experiences of our body.
  • Mental Health – The quality of our inner world. Includes thoughts, focus and ability to self direct our mind.
  • Emotional Health – The fullness of our emotional pallet and our ability to regulate our emotions
  • Spiritual Health – our sense of meaning, purpose and our connection to ourselves and the universe as a whole.

Daily experience Exercise.

Here is a simple exercise you can use to start reconnecting to you inner life.

Carry a pen and paper with you. Once every hour, write down: what you are doing, what you are feeling, and what are you thinking. At the end of the day look at this list as a textbook into your soul.

Ups and downs and spin you arounds.

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