A Citizen's Guide to Healing The Earth.

That Dirty reggae beat to start the morning ;) Music my rock Edited

For all the Lovers and Dreamers of the world :) Heaven is here playlist.


To My Leader: The Ace of Athames:) How did I do boss? ;) Good Morning

A little view into my world as a Shaman :) Documentary: R.I.P Terence and Ram

I am a Shaman: and now the world knows. and that’s ok;) playlist

My favourite Psychedelic song to lead the archaic revival with. Because Dreams Do Come true, especially mine, see why sleep is kind a love/hate thing for me. hahahahahahahahahaha told ya

Cheers everybody;) and Thank you/I’m Sorry :) song

The Dreams I just had show me, I am, a Great leader, and a Good partner, and its ok to tell You all it is real, because I made it real, and I deserve to be able to say it. And Enjoy it.;) Lucid Dreaming

Dead Celebrity Status: And Now I will clean up the debris playlist

I’m a long game guy. If I have my Celebrity freak out now, sets a pretty good bar for me to work under;) ahhahaha