A Citizen's Guide to Healing The Earth.

Shakti (Form) Keeps Shiva(consciousness) anchored, While Shiva works to Liberate her, but if soul isn’t real, then that’s just crazy talk from a madman.

The capsize in your eyes. Devilish Trio, or a question of YOUR faith in divinity? ;)

Hey don’t Break the mold kid, just eat around it, yeah that’s what I did;) edit

Feel you DNA evolve for Consciousness;) Kundalini Rising, from the drunk. edit 2.0


How poignant it all is :) Nevermore – The godless endeavour. playlist

The sound of the archaic revival healing from a distance, a social distance……..oh did you hear that fucko;) have fun everybody hippies saved the world again. hahaha


The soultion to the problem hahahahahahah Hope and Magic

This is the Problem we are all trying to Solve. This is where the mission objectives comes from. The Dirtball

Because its funny :)hahahahaha the we are eternal edited

Hey Babylon, The Lumberjacks are coming ;) Landscapes of truth anthem