Crow Poetry: Creatures of the night, Daristotle original. ;)

Creatures Of The Night

Poem by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan

I curb desire like a creature of the night.
My thirst for freedom like the blood of a slave.
I wear these chains sparkling gold and bright.
I Fear the terror of my minds mass grave.

For the stones in my cemetry mind
Are tattered and stained with devotion.
These thoughts are of the Mysterious kind
With the haunting of this perpetual motion.

I go to this closet and open the grey door
Pulling out the suit of titanic black lore
I slip on this disguise for the wicked
The foolings of their minds are my ticket.

Poor Scarlett knows not what shall be.
When her life will transfer from her to me.
When my crimson eyes will hold her soul.
And her body will lay lifeless and cold.

To steal a soul you must claim it as your own.
With these eyes I gaze into my prey.
Attack I shall in our moments alone.
To take the life of beautiful Scarlett this day.


Phantome Wind

Poem by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan

What mystic creature caused this mockery.
Peaceful insanity hushed by quiet relaxation.
My eyes cheated by some emerald green Fog.
The lonely Flowers Wilt as Time must pass.

Sky thick with the liquid blue paste of rain.
Mind cloudy with such confusional Warmth.
The Darkness falling sends day into night.
As if another world had escaped my Sight.

Nature regains her long lost knowledge.
Floating on the western winds is the answer.
The owl is crying with precious persicion.
My spirit awoke in this time of Kindness.

As I walk into the fire my mind sees no anger.
To aspire in freedoms gaze is to feel cool winds fade.
The winter months blossom in found frienships.
Whiteness consumes the earth in a blanket of energy.

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