Yin/Yang Collection Vol IIII (3 of Swords)(with music) (Repost)

Light & Dark

There is a Supreme Truth that existed before God(whatever word) before time and before the universe. Something cannot be created without simultaneously creating its opposite. Everything flows from this truth, all creation and all destruction.

Because destruction by its nature creates our suffering, we have a hate/love relationship. When we are happy, safe, comfortable we hate darkness because it can take all these things from us.

But when those things are already taken from us, we begin to love darkness because it seems to be more powerful than our ability to create happiness, safety, comfort. This is where we fall in love with our shadow.

The first poem is about that hate/love relationship I had with my own shadow. The second poem was the first poem I ever wrote. I have always felt clastophobic in my body, like my consciousness was being chained and squeezed. I used to believe my mind was the place of freedom. I have come to realize the mind is just a bigger more comfortable prison. Our soul is where true freedom is felt, and we have to let our mind evaporate in order to call it forth.

My Insanity

I walk in darkness, blinded by reality
I walk in fear, afraid of what may come to me
I walk in agony, wounded by what was done to me
I walk in shame, this world hates me

I walk and I walk getting closer and closer
Closer to my insanity

I look in regret, for those who are close to me
I look in remorse, for those who’ve been hurt by me
I look in sickness, Sickness of what is me
I look in denial, denying what I see

I look and I look seeing clearer and clearer
Clear to see my insanity

I hear in silence, silence so deafening
I hear in despair, crippling pain that huants me
I hear in demonic tones, the evil transforms me
I hear in dragons tears, tears that engulf the world

I hear and I hear getting louder and louder
Louder I hear my insanity

I feel in anguish, the pain of torn angels wings
I feel in coldness, coldness of the soul of death
I feel in dampness, dampened by the tears of destiny
I feel in terror, terror felt by the ghost of reason

I feel and I feel stronger and stronger
Getting stronger by my insanity 

Written by Darryl McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

The Unseen Figure

Silent screams in the darkness 
Screams of an unseen figure 
I walk forward and backward With every step 
Standing still at the mind’s window sill 
Looking in to find thoughts of the unheard 
Never seeing, never feeling, never saying, never hearing 

Foward in time backward in time 
Sideways in time never changing 
Walking, Sitting, staying and leaping 
All qualities of time never changing 
Releasing the laughter, releasing the tears 
Space is now my only hope 

Space has no boundaries no sign 
Of an end Limitations that bind me 
Are not heard of here 
Space is not happy nor sad 
Nor does space need to be joyous 
Space is limitless, Spaces treasures 

Uniqueness that all others dismiss 
Looking into the window of the mind 
I see no limit to what can be done 
Thoughts that are stored are always 
Found hereThoughts fly like birds 
In the sky as if they had no weight 

Thoughts have no resistence to change 
No call to impress, Society is what makes 
these thoughts feel as though they have to change 
Still looking in this window so exciting to see 
It’s as if a whole world is containd in the room 
I look in, I start to notice that walls are around 

Me Walls that hold me in, not allowing me to 
Leave to be myself, I need to leave this small 
walled room, I need to leave to be free 
I look in the window to the mind 
And I start to realize something The window 
I am looking in is actually looking out 

I realize the mind is the space that 
is limitless or can be 
I want outside to see the endless 
to see what happens next 
As I begin to understand a door appears 
with the destination outside these walls 

I open the door and step into the unknown 
I feel very different and light inside 
The silent screams have stopped as if they 
Never existed at all and the unseen figure 
so famous to me is not unseen at all 
It is me 

All I needed was to step outside 
the walls of limitation 
Into a world of the mind 
The limitless and allow freedom 
To guide my steps of 
This uncharted land

Written by Darryl McMillan (Circa 2003-2004)

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