The Psychedelic Romantic Vol I (Sleeping Beauty) because sleep is for pussies. lol

(Sleeping Beauty)


My entire life I have had a love/hate relationship with sleep, dreams, and night time in general. When I was a kid (I am 35 as of this post) as I would lay in bed at night I would get open and closed eye visual hallucinations (faces always formed out of the darkness) as I got older, they became more pleasant but I slept with a night light until I was 15.

I also have an intensely over active mind, I can literally stay awake for 2 days straight until I get some form of conclusion on something. So falling asleep can take three or four rounds of (lights off, lights on smoke cannabis, lights off, lights back on, rinse repeat) before I get to sleep. Now that I have fallen asleep you would assume this is a victory. Yeah, its not. I have on average 3-6 intensely vivid, emotionally real and often contain premonitions (come true, contain information I have no physical way of knowing). Sleep has never been a comfort to me. I love it, but I don’t get much of it. How does any of this relate to romantic poetry? Well I am glad you asked because lack of brevity is my achilles heal.

I am at the time of this post single and have been for six years now. But I have had two long-term relationships (4+ years each) and many short term/flings. Cuddling is my favourite part of a relationship, more fulfilling than sex (slightly more) πŸ™‚ . When you live together and share a bed at night, these sleep problems become relationship problems. It quickly loses the charm of being a quirk, and becomes a source of conflict.

Whenever I have had a girlfriend, I have learned to be awake “quietly”. I would, read, write, meditate, and often I would (I know it sounds weird) watch them sleep. I would see this person I loved, in their most peaceful state. I would fall in love all over again every night, which gave me enough comfort to crawl back in bed and try to surrender my consciousness to the night.

The first two poems in this series are about this aspect of my insomniac anima. The first one is written about my first long term girlfriend, and the second was written as the image of the soul mate I was yet to meet.

The glowing Safety of Home

My sweet girl of innocence

So silent so sweet, I watch you sleep
Like an angel upon a cloud your head lay upon a pillow
Innocently you sleep the woman of my dreams
My heart is yours forever and a day
The love I feel could drown a thousand fires
I am Quiet not to wake you, Not to disturb this moment
Warmth is my heart burning strong
I write these words saving time
To paint a picture of love so sweet
To live this moment like the beginning of time
To know that you are forever mine
My sweet love get you rest
Tomorrow will be even brighter than today
When our souls met we could only go forward
Love in it’s purist form is our life together
Even death couldn’t undo the bond we made

by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan (2004)

Beautiful Sleeper

I long await the last caress
of a sleeping beauty
Who’s tender heart may call to me
From beneath her veil of sleep
Awake to the dawn of my love
For I will watch over you
I will keep your dreams safe
Sweet sweet beautiful sleeper
Dreaming of sacred things
be still to the night’s eye.
Wander around in your dreamland
meet the spirits you’ve conjured
Sing to them in your angelic voice
bring forth their wisdom and grace.
go to the waters of the great sea
and eat the plentyful fish
walk in the garden of paradise
and pluck the fruit from its trees
but above all else
leave your heart to me
for when you wake
I shall be here waiting for you
Waiting to hear of your secret journey
To laugh, cry, and smile with you
For love is always waiting
Always ready to show itself
And with you and I the puppet masters
of our play lets Write the story
of the ages in our hearts.

by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan (2005-2006)

The Psychedelic Romantic Volume II (enchanted moments) will be the next set of poems I will post. So if you wish to be enchanted, follow me, and if you don’t wish to be enchanted, you should wish that first, and then follow me. πŸ˜€

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