Poetry:Violets And Sandalwood Summer Yearnings

Summer nights spent yearning, for the freedom fires are burning. The night’s sky a sea of sparkles and an array of violet shades. The air silent and still, while the cricket sarenades. While most souls are cacooned within their veil of rest, the lovers smell of sandalwood draws out from my behest. The earthy scent of patchouli oil mixes with the dew, and through the heat of our embrace, wafts the flavor of me and you.

As dawn begins the sky is split in two, one of light and one of dark, the past and then the new. The summer day does give way, and the skies become bright blue, but nothing compares to the colors I see, when we’re lying in the dew. Although it is fate, we still have to wait, for the sun to give in to the moon. But when it gets dark, we make our remarks, and my heart melts as I watch you swoon.

Just as before the sky splits in two, with scents of sandalwood, and a violet hue. The silence returns, and so do the stars, the passion remains, and this secret is ours. A secret whispered through a grin and a stare, and the warm of patchouli again in the air. It takes courage for lovers to embrace, within that special time and in their sacred place, it takes quick legs to keep that pace, and a union of souls to create that space.

Darryl ”Spooky Mulder” McMillan written June 24 2020, with inspiration from my muse. πŸ™‚


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