Updates: New pages, Logos and Vision for a Citizens Guide to Healing.

Although it may not seem like it, Citizens Guide to Healing has grown a lot. It has become an offically registered and licenced business. As I await my business licence in the mail, I decided to try out my new printer combo. I added some new pages with scans of notes and ideas from my past. I tend to write and scribble as I think, these are some examples of those notes, as well as scans of some documents I made during my (incomplete) university days.

I uploaded the scans, with no additional context, I thought it was a cool idea to let you decide what they mean to you first, and later add the context.

As well my plan is to create two channels for a Citizens Guide, one focused on building a community through media, blogging, a forum and possible podcasting. The other channel will be focused on one on one and group consulting. This way we can create a community based on healing, and Ican offer my unique style of intuitive problem solving to those who are interested and feel it may be useful.

CG Logo

This is the logo I designed for the Web Community channel of a Citizens Guide to Healing.


This is the logo I designed for the Consulting Channel of a Citizens Guide to Healing.

As I put the vision together, not much is happening in terms of content at the moment, but that is because I am figuring out how to set everything up and run it myself. I am also in the process of creating many different packages and item ideas for my store, as well as figuring out what kind of vibe and feel to bring to the site and forum.

I am still using a cheapy tablet and therefore my work is slower, limited, and slightly more annoying. I am investing in equiptment in the coming weeks and will have more options available for content.

๐Ÿ˜†Cheers to everyone. Stay Safe, and Stay Sane.๐Ÿ˜‰

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