Wisdom Wednesday #1: (Terence McKenna)(videos)(repost)

Terence McKenna

Terence Mckenna is a counter culture icon. Known for blend academic intelligence with psychedelic exploration and questioning cultural values. He has recorded hundreds of hours of lectures and is the father of making psychedelic plants part of the mainstream of today. I urge you to give these three clips a listen. It will change your life.

Going it Alone (short Listen)

This clip describes the universal human fear of being alone against nature and truth. Why we are afraid to face ourselves and the infantilism of our relationship to institutions.

Shamanic or Schizophrenic (Short Listen)

This clip describes how the eastern world and western world treat spiritual experience and mental illness differently. It talks also about how the western mind is built on assumptions that we are all afraid to question.

This clip is a longer clip. Recorded at the Esalen Institute it is a lecture with audience participation. Terence begins speaking at 9 mins, but the guy who intro’s the topic, and everything after, describes te last 15 years of my life. And gives you a view into your own weirdness or judgements about human Behaviour.

What does it mean to be crazy. (Long Listen)

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