We have to Lose our Mind, to Find our Soul.(Ego Death & Rebirth)(with Video) (repost)

Ego Dissolution

I believe we are all born with a body and a soul, but not a mind/personality/ego. Our minds are an emergent property of consciousness interfacing with the external world. The mind is a positive/negative feedback loop, that develops as an adaptive strategy. As the demands of life exceed the conscious awareness’s ability to mirror an internalized model, the internal dissonance forces a partitioning of awareness. It is at this time the one unified consciousness is divided into two seperate parts; the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. The conscious aspect of our mind is state driven (immediate and temporary) and the unconscious mind is trait driven (developing long term cognitive systems to manage the self/environment boundaries.)

The psyche is not a brain/mind interface but a soul/body interface. In the western model of human nature, (psychological conflicts) are viewed and treated as a brain/personality problem. This is why we have become as individuals so unsuccessful at healing ourselves and each other. The trauma begins and ends with the soul, an entity in each one of us, just as real as our physical body and even more real than our personality.

This is the missing connection in our modern world, we have lost the sacred in everyday life. In the rush and waves of technology, social media and advertising the sacred aspects of human nature became obscured, and distorted. This has left a collective emptiness felt around the world. The answers to all of our current problems can only be found by reintegrating the sacred back, into both our personal, but also social lives. It is my goal to be a part of this revival, and to remind you that you can choose to do the same.

Ram Dass before he was Ram Dass, describing his ego death experience under LSD.

Mind is temporary, Soul is Eternal.

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