It takes A Village.(The reason behind A Citizen’s Guide)

It doesn’t just take a village to raise a child, it takes a village to organize, maintain, heal and grow a village.

The purpose and intention behind A Citizen’s Guide to Healing the Earth.

I with my heart of hearts believe the above statements to be true. In the words of Marshall McCluhan “we live in a global village”. I promise this is the last time I will say village. πŸ™‚

I have gone through many stages in my life, from not caring about the problem, to being a part of the problem myself, to opening my heart to empathy and becoming overwhelmed by the problem, to becoming an agoraphobic hermit for six year, hiding from the problem out there, just to realize that the biggest battle was the one-on-one with my ego that would come to take over my “safe place”. We arrive to the current era where I am coming out of the hermit hut, to reconnect with the magic of the universe.

I created this blog for many reason. One to give these Ideas a home other than my head, and the occasional family dinner rant. To free up so ” mental bandwidth” I made this place.

What is the problem that plagued me so much? It was western culture’s (anglo-saxon) loss of the sacred elements of the universe. The tradition of science and reason (matter), came with it a cynicism towards anything existential (energy). Because matter tends to be predictable, it is quantifiable and thus objectively controllable. Energy on the other hand is unpredictable, unmeasurable by the techniques and equiptment used to measure material changes. Because of this, energy is subjectively controllable, which is the inversion of the transformation process.

We in the west have, since the 1500’s, slowly taken all the sacred energetic relationships away from our activities of daily living. This loss of meaning and value in everything has created a collective numbness that I believe people are ready to face and reawaken this dormant aspect of their nature.

I would like this place to be a symbolic campfire. I welcome any comments, ideas critiques (ideas and conversation have always been my drug-of-choice). I believe we are all expressions of human nature, the complete package of the species resides in each individual. Our souls are all bound by the psychic archetypes that we are, by matter of incarnation, forced to play out, often to both our deepest joys and deepest sorrows.

We have as a society (I am Canadian) relied institutions to take care of us. Not just by building roads and hospitals, or passing laws and protecting against crime. We have relied on government, business, science and medicine experts, and forced social programs; to define, guide, manage and transform human nature. We see ourselves as consumers instead of citizens. We need to start taking a more active role in being a tribe member. We all have a role to play, in our friends and families, neighbourhoods, and in the collective consciousness of humanity.

This website is a call to organize a grassroots empathy and compassion movement, and I invite you to be a part of it, in this space and in your own private life.


2 Comments on “It takes A Village.(The reason behind A Citizen’s Guide)

  1. Hmmmm sounds like my experience with the dark night of the soul and the battle with ego.

    Kudos for coming out of your shell weary traveler.

    • Thank you for your encouragement. It means a lot to me to know that my words aren’t wasted. Thank you again for being on your own path to understanding, it is a heavy trip sometimes, I respect anyone who takes it on.πŸ˜€

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