A Psychologist is a Shaman: Dr Jordan Peterson Clip.

The clip below is from a lecture by Dr Jordan Peterson. He describe the eternal problems of the human psyche. He talks about the journey into the unconscious is both a psychological and spiritual pursuit. The role of helping people through this was fulfilled by shaman’s before modern psychology.

I watched this video for the first time today, and it describes so well, what I have been experiencing, and why I took time away from blogging.

Jordan Peterson, Clinical Psychologist.

I have been struggling with this feeling that I am called to function as a Shaman/ Psychologist. I have taken Psychology in university but I never took school seriously and dropped out with 66 of the 120 credit degree.

I have a past of ups and downs, and dysfunction and lack of follow through. I have realized I am afraid to fully embrace this role, create my practice of healing and grounding myself, and develop a discipline and routine built around it.

The more I listen to the experts, the more I realize that, my skills and abilities are there and in the similar caliber.

I have realized that commitment and discipline are my last hurdle to polishing and improving.

Video uploaded from SWIM


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