The straight to the point reason why change is hard.(Short read)(music)

As long as we are fascinated with a problem, we will be unwilling to consider or apply the solution. Because when we solve a problem it goes away, and we can’t be fascinated by it anymore.

Nothing exists apart from its opposite. Problems are both painful and pleasurable. Solutions are both pleasureable and painful. Likewise these opposites exist in us, and thus we are always both attracted to, and repelled by everything in life, nowhere is this conflict/dynamic more at work, than inside the consciousness of a single human being.

One’s ability to tolerate and survive cognitive dissonance depends on whether their commitment is to truth, or consistency. The goal of consistency is to never change. The goal of truth is to never stay the same. As long as we are fascinated with our personality, our ways of doing things, and our preferences, we will fear any realizations that threaten to change them.

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