Manic Monday…But on Sunday – S01E01 (Lateness and the value of being prepared) (repost)

No Mind Trips

Manic Monday…But on Sunday; is your weekly guide to staying grounded, and balanced through out the week. It will help you digest the previous weeks events, and help you re-orient yourself for the week ahead. Stay in the driver seat of your life.

So lets get to what, I decided yesterday to call “The at least five R’s of growth and balance.

“Now wait a minute Darryl, you forgot about the part where its Tuesday, and this was due on Sunday part, “What’s up with that?.”

Well I am glad you asked. You keen little observer you. What a perfect segway into todays topic (Being Prepared). Lets look at the first R of balance; Random.

I have to be honest, this is my weekly guide to grounding as well, because I am also stuck in the soup. However; my committment is to truth, not consistency, and therefore I am compelled to say what I feel.

Why is random the first R? Because a lot of beautiful things, and most problems happen suddenly, unexpectedly, and at the “worst time”. This means, that whatever state we/our life is in, is the state we have to work with, when random thing happens. Being prepared and staying grounded and healthy is crucial.

Another reason Random made the list, is because there is no such thing as random. There is just a system that we don’t understand.

“But Darryl, you just said things happen sudden and unexpectedly?”

You are correct. However; often times there are many signs, red flags, and opportunities to prevent a problem or accomplish a goal faster. Our conscious mind is just not seeing/using this information, either because we don’t know it, or worse, we know it but won’t face it.

The Following is my “at least five R’s of balance:

Random, Reflection, Radical Self Honesty, Responsibility, Reward.

I think we, will take a rest here. I wasn’t as prepared for this post as I should be๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜ธ

Lake Tekapo At Dawn, New Zealand South Island

2 thoughts on “Manic Monday…But on Sunday – S01E01 (Lateness and the value of being prepared) (repost)

  1. I agree it is human nature to ignore signs, red flags ,even intuitions especially if subconsciously we are avoiding something that may be deemed as a random event. That said I feel self preparedness comes from an internal spectrum that allows some individuals to handle random events better than others. This spectrum is developed I believe through both nature and nurture. In daily life of most people we can cope with random situations however in our conscious mind we know for example our parents will die however when the event occurs we react a if totally unprepared.

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    1. Yes! exactly right.๐Ÿ˜€ And the spectrum that you mention, relates to the Carl Jung quote on unconscious opposites. The spectrum creates and is created by the opposites, hence terms like “opposite ends of the spectrum”. This means we are always both prepared and unprepared, confident and insecure, certain and uncertain. Consciousness is a spectum, the conscious and unconscious are both aspects of awareness. Which ever opposite is in our conscious mind, the other goes into the unconscious mind, giving us the illusion that we do not have the other in us. By being able to know our opposite, it allows us to bring both into the conscious mind, instead of one always being unconscious. Its like in your example we know that our parents will die some day but also that they haven’t yet. When they do die, the opposite of ” them being alive” is changed and this is where the unprepared feeling hits.๐Ÿ™‚


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