Poetry: Meditation and Marijuana Vol III (Yin/Yang/Jung) with music

Judgement Rising to the End

Time Winds Backwards as death preceeds birth
Humans finally realize their place on this earth
History repeats itself, a tale that time sadly tells
Hate begins to spawn again and rings its ugly bells

Angels fly on tatter wings carrying them to despairng nowheres
Ego’s create a stubborn eye which gives an evil glare
God Speaks with his forked tongue that really tells all
The people hide for cover behind their glass wall

Shadows gain new light and start to shed the truth
Mother nature cries crystal tears for all she’s been through
They watch the last dove fly gracefully in the blackend skies
They pray to their Forked tongue god and ignore all his lies

Running in circles in the land of cracked mirrors
Reality Cries painfully a sound that no one hears
Rain falls despairingly on this hate scorched land
Erasing all the blood stains engrained in the sand

A new king claims this land with his crown of snakes
They follow him so hollowly with every move he makes
Babies who die on this final day will never see the field
The glass ball we’ve lived in whose fate we did wield

Control is what they made themselves to cause this bitter end
A world that only saw hate and greed is the only one we tend
The sky begins to open up and fire comes crashing down
The only thing that survives it all is the snaked headed crown

Written by Darryl McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

Spirits Walk With Me

Do I find these spirits in mutany
or shall I say for myself to free
can the costs of the day trouble many
For freedom we are charged a fee

These spirits walk with me in each pondered step
They accompany me along this unique and profound journey
To ask of thier closed eyes what emotions are kept
Is the answer they are ever so willing to tell me

For this journey I take be it the same as they
And for freedom we all trot along
The sun shines bright upon our souls today
And whistling still are to we fill the words of our surrowed song

The grass that we pass be it co

the grass that we pass be it covered in brass
For meaning of it comes within
And the day we say shall be here to stay
As we leave our shimperings to our kin 

Written by Darryl McMillan (2005-2006)

kingsley Starlight

o bright star; many a night has your light shineth
down upon my smiling and twinkling eyes
How hast thou broughteth me to lie upon
these green pastures while my mind seeketh
your truth. Whilst thou judge those who ignore such light
For their souls forever walketh in darkness
And may your light clense thy spirit and removeth
that which doth makes thou light flicker
And into thy mind poureth rememberance of thy light
Holdeth it in the cherished chambers of thy heart
Be gone with your beating for no candle can be
lit in thy shadow and no fire can burneth for thee
For thy mind be quick and thy heart be quicker 
and thy soul beeth forever timeless for evermore
In the light of the new dawn I seeketh Truth
O bright star Layeth down for the night, Sleep Child
For your presence beeth true and you spirit
bringeth thy light of life into thy honoured heart 

Written by Darryl McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

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