Weekly Recommended(embedded videos)

This will be a weekly block recommending Five things, be whatever as they may.

The first two songs are a band I found recently. (Cydeways.)

The best way I can describe them is if Slightly Stoopid, and Angels and Airwaves made a ska band. Enjoy😎

Silly Happy.

This next song is by Canadian Rapper Buck 65 feat Gord Downie of tragically hip. Its more like beat poetry that rap, and the bluesy guitar melts my soul.

This clip is a short but sweet message from Terence McKenna about direct experience. You ARE important.

Century of the self. Is a four part documentary about how psychology, politics, and business used psychological manipulation to shape and manage the inner life of americans. Its a must watch in my opinion as it describes both how our current world of instant gratification was created and also the hidden way to deconstruct it. Part 1 happiness machines is below.

😋Enjoy, Like and subscribe, otherwise nothing will happen.😋

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