Poetry Series: Meditation & Marijuana Vol I (with Music)

Rasta & Sadhu’s See Cannabis as Sacred.
A Great Song, but also a stereotype.

Marijuana and meditation go together extremely well. There is a dreamy quality to introspection. To focus our attention inward, we have to become less conscious of the external world. When one does this, they experience time, thoughts, feelings, imagination. All in a very boundary dissolving way.

The next series of poems were written while I was newly experimenting with cannabis and meditation. The first one is based on an actual experience I had meditating very stoned.😊 and the second was a venture into using words as images.

Herbal Mysticism – Poem by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan

Relaxation takes over me
Euphoric impulses, O significant light
I am covered in a blanket of warm darkness
Underneath, security surrounds me
Face warm with smile, eyes communicating joy
Mind is floating free, and gracefully
Thoughts cry cool water tears of joy
They begin to flow like liquid energy
I see starlight against a mystical blackness
The moon smiles to the sun in concent
Beams of light begin to touch my spirit
Herbal mysticism plays its game
And Peacefully I rejoice in its song 

Written by Darryl McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

The song below is the best way to describe the feeling. I know the band name is weird, but the psychedelic instrumentals in this song always bring me back to that joyous state. Even when I am dead sober.(which isn’t often).😝 It captures the mystical nature of the sun shining through the trees, smiling eyes, and peace.

What Psychedelics Feel Like.

Phantome Wind – Poem by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan

What mystic creature caused this mockery.
Peaceful insanity hushed by quiet relaxation.
My eyes cheated by some emerald green Fog.
The lonely Flowers Wilt as Time must pass.

Sky thick with the liquid blue paste of rain.
Mind cloudy with such confusional Warmth.
The Darkness falling sends day into night.
As if another world had escaped my Sight.

Nature regains her long lost knowledge.
Floating on the western winds is the answer.
The owl is crying with precious persicion.
My spirit awoke in this time of Kindness.

As I walk into the fire my mind sees no anger.
To aspire in freedoms gaze is to feel cool winds fade.
The winter months blossom in found frienships.
Whiteness consumes the earth in a blanket of energy.

Written by Darryl McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

The song below best describes the vibration you feel as the peaceful state pulses through you.

The next set Meditation and marijuana Vol II (Consciousness flipped inward), will becoming soon. They describe my experiences with smoking weed and then meditating deeply for 30 minute session. So like and subscribe to get it hot off the press…wordpress that is.πŸ˜‹ cheesey is the new smooth.πŸ˜‰

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