Just because I am paranoid, doesn’t Mean They aren’t out to get me. (Paranoia explained)(embedded video)


There is a fundamental law of nature; the creation of something necessitates the simultaneous creation of its opposite. When human beings begain using deception as a social strategy, it neccessitated the creation of the opposite. A cognitive mechanism to ‘detect’ deception, is required both for physical safety.But it is also for understanding, keeping ones place within a society. Paranoia is a defense mechanism against “whatever is hidden”.

The problem is, paranoia works on a zero sum rule. Its like a long division formula for truth. If everything adds up, then we get 0=trust,safety. But if something doesn’t add up we get a remainder or discrepency. This remainder expressed psychologically becomes suspicion or distrust.

There are two ways we can get a discrepency: Something is hidden, or the assumptions we have about reality are wrong. The reason paranoia becomes pathological, is the cognitive structure doesn’t know which one is causing the error. This causes the mind to search for hidden truths in everything and anything.

This is how a paranoid delusion is woven. It starts with a real life trigger, a real situation that is not as it appears to be. This generates the ideational stage (delusions of reference) which in turn become the plot points of a narrative.

I could write an entire paper on this subject(in fact I intend to) but for now I will stop here.

Tell the truth, or at least don’t lie – Jordan Peterson.

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