The Psychedelic Romantic Vol II (Enchanted Moments)

(Enchanted Moments)

I have always been a hopeless romantic at heart. Even as a child I had a fairytale like vision of love, however I was also always deeply and unconsciously insecure. I remember even at about 12 contemplating true love. I would always think “what if the girl I love doesn’t love me back?”. I imagined a special “power or potion” that would make them fall in love with me. And even in my fantasy I could see the emptiness of whole trip. I would see myself always wondering if it was real, or the potion, and this would inevitibly lead to me semi-consciously feeling inferior in my masculine side.

As a teenager I was very angry, bitter and destructive. I got in trouble with the law, at school, punched things, the whole nine yards. When I was 20-21 I discovered marijuana and it changed my life. I had tried it a few times in high school, but I was more of a drinker. After I started smoking herb, I started to mellow out, I then went full blown hippie. The music, the history, the art, but mostly the drugs of the hippie generation.

Very recently I confronted my own Masculine/Feminine archetypal conflict. I understand more about myself and my life than I ever have before by learning to examine my anima(Feminine/Emotional ) side.

However at the time I became Hippie Darryl, I also started to meet more people. I have had hundreds of psychedelic trips, however my most magical were always with females (friends and girlfriends). Woman would always look and feel angelic to me, their wonder was like a divine gift I was privy to witness. I realize now that I was seeing the divine feminine in them.

The first poem was written after mushroom trip I had with a female friend, it was outside on a blanket. The poem is not about her, but the closeness her and I shared inspired again an imagine of the soul mate I have yet to meet. The second poem was written as an expression of the union of Masculine/Feminine (although I didn’t know it at the time).

Psychedelic Moonlight

Lovers in the mist

Slowly the river flows to meet the sea
and nobody asks why
Children play by the river mouth
and the dog sleeps in its home
With darkness all around them
they bathe in the flowing night
and as the lovers begin to play
Sweetness fills the air
Hearts molding together beneath
the vast horizions
The wind begins to softly caress
their souls as the symbol of tranquility
The two souls lay together on the
grassy fields in my dreams
No conflict in sight freely
they take back the night
Whispering of nothing and everything
and only wishing to stop time
in each others arms. They lay,
Two midnight lovers under the sky
Rushing water echos eternity into
the night time ash
As peaceful as can be sleep begins
to take hold of them
And as they crawl into sleep
I awake and the images disappear
What was this place only found in my dreams?
Who were these souls so happy to be in love?
And at once I don’t want the answer
some things are better left to the imagination
for my imagination, like their love
will hold me through the night

by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

Journey into the mind

Quietly I wait with anticapation
as the queen journies into the forest
of thought to hunt the animal, she
brings back an answer and we feast
upon it’s glory. Sustanence achieved
from the body of this being,

Intoxicating aroma of understanding,
The queen provides for her King the
knowledge of her soul and the king feeds
with great-hunger, and he himself journies
into the forest of thought, with a map
given to him from the queen,

No rabbits exist in this forest but only
the rabbit hole, he travels into darkness,
what next, sings a voice dawning
from the darkness, angelic it
calls to our king he fears not for
he is full of the nutrients of knowledge

His belly contains the learnings of
the queen, she gave to us her pondered
steps of boundless temptations of the
Mind that through her time spent
walking the forest of her soul she
was able to conjure these ghosts.

Darkness comes over his eyes although
They remain open, he can see no futher
His hearing has suffered no handicap
and the voice that calls to him is familiar
Speaking to him as a loved one should
He begins to gain sight back into the world.

He comes to see that even in this time
of loneliness he is not without the
love of his life, for in his belly and
now through his body, beats the
heart of her soul, and any journey
He shall take, she shall follow.

by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

The Psychedelic Romantic Vol III (3 of Swords) will be the next set in the series. They are based on love lost and healing wounds. So if you have ever been hurt by love, and had to learn to love again, stay tuned. Also to prevent a broken hearted hippie, you should like this post and follow my blog, otherwise I am just going to have to win you over with my charm.😎

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