I’m a Noob: Apologies to designers and grammer sensitive people.

Just fuckin edit Bro

As wonderful a human being as I am, believe it or not I have flaws too. I don’t like it any more than you do, but the first step to solving a problem, is admitting you have one.

My name is Darryl and I have an editing problem. I write as I think, literally off the top of my head. For example my poetry posts. The poems were written already, but all the contextual surrounding them I wrote as I thought it. This by itself is not a problem if it were not for my trigger happy post/reply/comment/submit fingers.

When it comes to web design and social media I am a total noob. I am still learning layout, font, picture, linking, all of it. So I apologize in advance for all the rookie mistakes I undoubtedly made, and will continue to make. But if you bare with me for a while, I tend to be a fast learner and open to suggestions and pointers.

To the people who are triggered by poor grammer, may god have mercy on you soul. I have seen about 20 mistakes in the posts I have already made. I make a promise that I am in a process of creating a writing structure for myself. Editing and polishing has been something I have avoided my whole life. Even in university, I would write a 10 pages paper in 3 days, hand it in, unedited, full of spelling mistakes, and get 65. I have always had enough luck and skill to half ass everything and pass. It wasn’t until the last 6 months I realized how guilty I feel having such low expectations and standards for my work.

I wanted to get some content up to get the ball rolling, but I see that quality is better than quantity.

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