Coming Soon: This Weeks Topics. (Updated)

The Entrainment of Chaos

I spent the last six years in extreme Hermit mode (agoraphobia), so I have had a lot of time to think. You should know that my ability to procrastinate is rivaled only by my ability to become manicly obssessed with anything and everything. And “ain’t nobody got time for that.”

I have so much to share/express/work through/ stuff inside of me, and a self serving reason for this blog is to help me organize, manage and deal with it all.

So to help us all out, I am attempting organizing a schedule and my layout so that our relationship runs smoother. Because its not you, its me. 😳

I also want to support your endeavors so part of my personal schedule is going include, learning the wisdom you have to teach me. I have already seen some amazing work for you, my respected collegues. 😍

Until whenever whatever happens……Thank You


Manic Monday… But on Sunday – about grounding and balance.

Wisdom Wednesday – I will introduce a teacher of mine and the lesson I needed/need to learn.

Recommended (thursday) – where I share stuff I like (read, watch, listen)

Friends & Family Friday – Because healing begin at home

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