Yin/Yang Volume III (Wisdom)

(Wisdom: Love vs Hate)

Creation cannot destroy, and destruction cannot create, they are two opposites of one energy. Like a coin has two faces so does energy and therefore you cannot change one without effecting the other. Everything in life is a union of opposites as well as a balance and imbalance of polarity. For sleep to be created, wakefulness must be destroyed, for wakefulness to be recreated sleep must be destroyed, and so it is with all opposites of the universe.

So if evil cannot create, how does it continue to manifest in the world? This is where the shadow aspect comes into play. You see, evil cannot create, but human beings can. Human beings can create out of love or out of hatred, both will manifest into real world events. So how does evil make us hate? This is easy by getting another person to destroy something we love. Cain and able is not just a story, it is a metaphor for how energy works.

The last two poems of this series demonstrates creating out of love and hate, and the contrasting of the worlds they create when one dominates the other.

The govenmental construction (Shadow, Deception, hatred)

In the crystal fires red eyes gleam
Behold the archeitects of the system
Building with the stones of institution
They build the pyrimds of control

Obeying the waves of invisible hands
They repeat the unspoken words
Talking in circles they dizzy themselves
Writting the language of the fools

Wrapping their tongues around the lie
They speak the language made to control
The myth of authority transforms to reality
The people surrender their will

They have forgotten the piper is only an illusion
Playing the songs that lead them
From The flute of ignorant music
They hear the lullaby in their minds

They are afraid to awake the sleeper
Whose dreaming up this world
Afraid to see the pyrimd
They reinforce its walls

They see the structure as a burden
And depend upon its false security
Bathing in the filth of imagined protection
Forever staind with the mark of ignorance

by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

Birth of a poet (Love, gratitude, humbleness)

Beauty is a bird that Sings to the heart, while pleasing the eyes
She refuses to be caged because freedom is her life blood
Only can a free soul be truly beautiful, for limitations are
clips to the wings of her slendor golden body of lust

The bird sings in her angelic voice changing the hearts of many
And within her music flows the secret of elagance.
Perched on a tree she rests her tired wings, sleep over comes her.
She is awakened by another song, the song of the northern winds

Wisdom are the winds that blow from the north, Cool and Mystical
These winds give flight to beauty as the world begins to unfold
A wise eye can see the beauty that the song could never show
and the wind that brings a tear to the eye is knowledge.

Confidence is the rain that falls beneath the horizon
He is moved by the winds of wisdom with percision
When the rain falls even in failure is something learned
And nourished by the rain are the flowers of creativity.

Creativity the beloved flower of the poet, who hears the wisdom
Watches the birds fly and the rains fall and when drenche
in the rain, proceeds to create a very special thing.
The soul in which can be reached through balance of wind rain and song.
Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan (Circa 2005-2006)

I may leave this at three volumes, I may not (limit) myself. 😉

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