The Yin/Yang Collection.

Hey there, I am glad you made it.
I thought it fitting to start this blog off with a look at the poetry of my past. From 2005-2006 I was in a very mixed placed inside myself, poetry was a way to get some of this energy out. I wrote around 50 poems during that time and I have been able to recover 32 of them. Yay me!
Some are long and some are short, some rhyme and some do not. I decide to start with what I call the’ yin/yang collection’ a collection of three light poems and three shadow poems. It gives a good glimpse into the ups and downs of my inner world. It also mirrors the universality of the dance of the eternal opposites; creation and destruction.
I am still deciding which 6 to make up the collection, but the first two will be posted soon. So keep obsessively refreshing your web browser to make sure you do not miss it. 🙂

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